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BabyJoy Disposable Diapers

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New BabyJoy features a silky texture and a Diamond Pad sheet that quickly absorbs and locks urine in for faster and extra dry protection. BabyJoy rapid dryness keeps your baby happy, comfortable and dry all day.

Diamond Pad

Babyjoy diapers feature the diamond pad that Spreads and Absorbs 6 cups of urine inside the pad giving your baby extra dryness for longer usage and extra protection against leakage.

Cotton Touch - Soft & Silky

New BabyJoy features new material which is gentle to the skin and is silky soft.


To prevent leakages

  • Size 1 - (Newborn Up to 4kg)
  • Size 2 -  (Small 3.5 to 7kg)
  • Size 3 -  (Medium 6 to 12kg)
  • Size 4 -  (Large 10 to 18kg)
  • Size 5 -  (Junior 14 to 25kg)